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Sang Nila Cream Pomade V3

Sang Nila Cream Pomade V3

"As of 2021, Ziggy team have offically made V3 version of Sang Nila!
Hold is much firmer!
Scoops tacky but super smooth application!
Easy comb and style, with dry and damp hair!
Best of all, Easier Wash Out than V2 formula!"

The Ziggy Sang Nila Cream Pomade.

An Unorthodox Waterbased Pomade that scoops like a cream but gives a solid firm hold!

Does it tame wavy hair?

The Sang Nila Cream Pomade doesn't dry out and give you that dreaded "helmut hair" that's commonly associated with most modern creamier products found on the market.

Your style stays smooth and slick, from application, to the end of your day, Anytime..Anywhere...

The Sang Nila Cream Pomade's uber-slick nature also features top-notch restylability, so that means you don't necessarily need to stick to that locked down side-part after you're done with school, or that corporate contour; after you've had the meeting of your life! Rock a Pomp! A Jelly Roll! Mess it up! Slick it down! It's all about you!


Le Merlion Schpitz
- A custom formulated scent specially for the Sang Nila Cream Pomade. A captivating oceanic breeze with subtle sweet notes of green apple! It's like standing on the Bay, in the company of the Merlion itself!

The Sang Nila Cream Pomade washes off easily with one shampoo, leaving smooth, luscious conditioned hair, from the Argan and Jojoba oils. It's the gift that keeps on giving!



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