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The Juggernaut Comb

The Juggernaut Comb

The Ziggy Supply Juggernaut Comb. 
Over 8 inches of Rugged Antistatic Hybridized Carbon!

Most definitely not your everyday flimsiness.

3 Key design features of The Juggernaut include:
- Fine Tooth section
Perfect for slicking down stubborn sides and cowlicks.
- Super Wide Tooth Section
Great for those sick Instagram-worthy comblines, teasing height into your pomps, detangling after a shower, and more!
- Parting Pick
An often underrated feature, the Parting Pick is invaluable when you want your hair part, straight-as-an-arrow. Barbers and Hair Stylists will truly appreciate this intuitive design when cutting and styling clients as well.

Every single edge on The Juggernaut has been meticulously smoothened out, ensuring safety and ease of use; ultimately showcasing the quality and reliability of The Ziggy Supply Juggernaut Comb
    $8.00 Regular Price
    $6.00Sale Price
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